With Utmost Purpose

In Maasai, the language of Kenya's most well-known ethnic tribe, the name Siana means "the plentiful springs" referring to an abundance in flora, fauna, and cultural and life-sustaining attributes.

We strive to make our world a better place through protection of wildlife, people, and the land. Our customised high-end tours offer travellers a competitive rate and an exclusive experience of the world while empowering us to accomplish our three pillars of purpose.

This is achieved by carefully inspecting our partners based on our objectives so that our trips contribute to the long-term sustainability of habitat restoration, wildlife conservation, and local development. We also donate up to 50% of our profits to our sustainability and conservation pillars. In turn, our clients enjoy access to some of the most inspiring people, places, and regeneration projects on the planet.

Siana’s carbon footprint is 0%

Our Collaborators

We understand the compounded impact that is set in motion while working collaboratively with like-minded organisations. Therefore, we specifically work with only hotels, resorts, and brands that coincide with our ethos and vision.

Multi-Award-Winning Eco-Tourism Industry


Conservation in the Indian Ocean

Coral Replantation

Siana has launched a new ambitious programme to restore coral reef systems and create a coral hub in the Indian Ocean. By partnering with pre-existing coral farms in resorts, hotels, and local islands, our project aims to protect and regenerate the vital marine habitat that has been decimated by rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, El Niño events, and ocean pollution. Clients also have the opportunity to be part of the eco-system by leaving their coral system while travelling to a number of our partnered properties in the Indian Ocean.

Conservation in Europe, Africa & Asia

Forest Restoration

Our goal by 2030 is to plant at least 100,000 rare and endangered tree species with the help of our clients booking through Siana in designated areas through collaboration with our hotel partners. Our recent expansion includes our collaboration with Sanctuary retreats, where guests staying at Olonana (Kenya) and booking through Siana will receive the opportunity to plant endangered tree species at the property, thereby contributing to the restoration of the African wilderness. This will also allow the guests to leave an everlasting mark on the Masai Mara as every tree will be tagged with a family name, thus contributing to our 100,000 growth goal.

Conservation in Africa

Anti-Poaching Units

We aim to secure the continued ecological integrity, wildlife management, and ecosystem restoration of some of Africa's most iconic wildlife and diverse wilderness areas: from the rainforests of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park to the vast Savannas of the Serengeti; and from the lowveld region of southeastern Zimbabwe to the pristine bushveld of South Africa. We use our profits to support a selected number of anti-poaching units across Africa, protecting endangered animals from Cheetahs to wild dogs, Rhinos to Elephants, and the highly endangered pangolin.

Conservation is our passion and purpose

Over the past decade, our far-reaching commitment to safeguarding the planet's wildlife populations and wilderness areas as well as producing economic independence within communities by implementing strategic partnerships with non-profit funds and trusts and tourism brands in each of the regions in which we operate. Therefore, we cordially invite you to travel alongside us. with our vision to work towards a sustainable future for the world's most precious projects which create a significant impact.

Your Access
Behind the Scenes

We have collaborated with a number of properties to provide our guests with exclusive behind the scenes access to the conservation and sustainability efforts that take place on-site. In the next section, we discuss a few hotels that are leading the way in conservation and sustainability.


By 1990, the Londolozi Conservation Development model, refined through decades of trial and error, had become the inspiration for the establishment of many other similar organisations that sought to emulate the same guiding principles throughout the tourism industry. In the same year, the former President Nelson Mandela visited Londolozi and was moved to state the following:

‘’During my long walk to freedom, I had the rare privilege to visit Londolozi. There I saw people of all races living in harmony amidst the beauty that MotherNature offers. Londolozi represents a model of the dream I cherish for the future of nature preservation in our country."


Arijiju strives for sustainability in all aspects. Laikipia has emerged as the only region in Kenya where wildlife numbers have increased over the past 20 years. Arijiju works in harmony with the Borana Conservancy to ensure long-term conservation of the landscape, wildlife, and local communities.

Borana relies on visitors to the conservancy paying conservation fees. The entire conservancy fee supports local education, community, and wildlife conservation projects. Only by visiting, guests at Arijiju are directly assisting in maintaining important initiatives such as elephant migration corridors, expanding rhino habitat, monitoring lion communities each to help prevent human-wildlife conflict, and funding the Borana mobile clinic that treats 700 patients on average in local communities each month.

Arijiju recycles all grey water, uses rainwater harvesting, is completely free of plastic water bottles, and it is powered by solar energy.

Community and Culture

Travel has the extraordinary power to connect, empower, and transform people from across the globe from all walks of life.

We are heavily focused on sustainability and giving back. It lies at the heart and soul of everything we do. Our ethos is to be low-impact, community and conservation-oriented to the core, and have a significant positive influence on the people around us. If local communities experience direct benefits linked to tourism, they immediately become more invested in protecting the wilderness around them and allowing culture and heritage to thrive on their own terms.


Travel involves a unique vested interest in conserving beautiful places, preserving traditions, and protecting wildlife. It also often provides the economic incentive required to halt any destruction concerning ecosystems.

Biodiversity supports all life on earth, and it is extremely important to protect it. We ensure that our trips are part of this critical solution by working with experienced and long-term conservation partners.

Planet & Land

We believe that it is our responsibility to do what we can to preserve the natural world and that ‘BALANCE’ is the true meaning of sustainability.

Biodiversity supports all life on earth, and we should protect it. Also, travel believes in conservation of natural resources and offers the economic incentive to protect the ecosystem. Therefore, we choose to work with experienced and long-term conservation partners.  

Fairness and transparency

In an industry where costs are often extremely hazy and claims regarding sustainability are vague, SIANA is implementing a principle of transparency.

SIANA is bringing a well-needed change to the traditional model with reduced commissions and clear and honest financial dealings. By being transparent in terms of the world's current issues and biodiversity crises, we can focus on solutions rather than adding to additional problems.